Magnet Harlequin Environmental Policy

We, the Board of Directors, regard the promotion of environmental measures designed to continually improve our performance and to minimise environmental impacts as a key objective. It is, therefore, our policy that this company operates in an environmentally responsible manner in the conduct of it’s business – the provision of Creative Services, IT Solutions and Reprographic Services – with particular interest in minimising hazardous emissions to the atmosphere and contamination of local land, waterways and air.

The company is committed to the following measures to deliver this policy:

Heads of Department are responsible to the Board for carrying out the environmental policy. Within the framework of the policy all Department Heads are to ensure that arrangements for protection of the environment within their department are up to date, documented and accurately reflect company procedures.

All employees have a responsibility to co-operate in the execution of this policy, the guidelines for which are:-


Board of Directors,
Magnet Harlequin